Social Issues

Currently, Morocco main problem is with its environment and public issues. Droughts and desertification is one of the growing burdens in the country. This is due to the mountains that loom in the north, and the dry winds that blow from the Sahara. However, this is just one of the concerns. Pollution is another factor crippling the environment. Water is often now contaminated by raw sewage. Moreover, oil spills are not being dealt with properly and certainly not quick enough.

Some social issues are Morocco’s child labor force. Children under 15 are even forced to work today, and it is one of the debated problems people go against. Others, nevertheless, says that children are a vital asset to the region and is a necessity in order to maintain a stable economy. Despite of the large field of jobs and businesses, poverty is still lingers, taking over 15% of the population; jobs, 10% unemployment.

Well, yes, Morocco has been somewhat improving, though at a small rate, over the past few years. To deal with the dry conditions, some of its native people have already been trying new ways to nourish its soil. They have tried before irrigation, but that system is only used by 7% of the farmlands thus far. Water pollution; however, seems to remain untouched very much by its government.
Though working towards reducing the number of child labors, Morocco, as of this moment, cannot abandon it simply because it is too dependent on the work force those children provides. Other than that, poverty rates have actually gone down, from 19% in 1999 to only 15% in 2008. Meanwhile, there is a not-so pleasant change in unemployment, rising 2.3% from the 7.7% in 1999 to about 10%.

My Personal Ideas
I think that the best way to solve its sewage and oil spill problem is to regulate it. Today, Morocco isn’t enforcing very much the preventing the spread of pollution. So, it would help if the country would just empower officials to stand guard of these matters. Secondly, increasing irrigation would increase the quality of farmlands. Right now, it seems as though Morocco has not yet tapped the abundant source of water north of it.
For the social issues, I feel that solving the problem should be relatively easy. Just progressively abandon child labor, starting from small local areas, and thus making jobs available to the rest of the population. This would help with both poverty rates and unemployment also.